Conifer database and a sample RDE file

The conifer database includes all published conifer names with nomenclatural details, IUCN conservation codes, TDWG geographic distribution codes, species descriptions and more. It also includes specimen data across the group, almost all referenced for mapping.

The sample Rapid Data Entry file provied by J.R.I. Wood consists of data from ca. 500 specimens collected in Bolivia, most with map references. After opening the zip, copy the RDE file to your Documents\BRAHMS\ RDE folder or any other registered RDE folder.

Instructions on importing or connecting to the demo database are given in the installation guide.

Richness map showing areas with the highest numbers of taxa in red.

The conifer database has been provided by Aljos Farjon, RBG Kew. If you wish to use the data for a research publication or any other purpose beyond training, please consult first with The database has been used to help publish a number of publications including:

  • A taxonomic monograph on Pinus for Latin America (Farjon, A. & Styles, B. T., 1997. Flora Neotropica Monograph 75, The New York Botanical Garden
  • A World Checklist And Bibliography of Conifers, Aljos Farjon, 1998
  • A Monograph of Cupressaceae and Sciadopitys, Aljos Farjon, 2005
  • A Handbook of the World's Conifers. Publication: 2010
  • An Atlas of the World's Conifers, an Analysis of their Distribution, Biogeography, Diversity and Conservation Status, Aljos Farjon and Denis Filer: 2013