Publishing Online some sample screens

Entire floras can be published online

e-monographs can include all taxonomic detail including links to genbank

Websites can be published with different language pages

Develop your own online menu system to organise topics

Design websites to promote your research activites as well as publish your data

Publishing online can attract media attention

Advanced grid features include column value summaries

Create specialized websites for illustrations or paintings

Reports are dynamically updated as your move through the species list or advanced grid

Publish plot data with calculated plot summaries

Displaying map points indicating red list status. This example uses 'Manage filters' to selectively enable VU and EN categories

Another red list display example using conifer collections on west coast North America

Displaying map points indicating whether points have been verified

Calculate and display species richness using selected grid cell size

Zoom in to map botanic garden plants with accession details and images

Filtering on Quercus alba in botanic garden with data grid and map

Online floras - making heavy use of imagery