Managing Literature

The Biblio module in BRAHMS allows you to store any category of publication. Examples are journal references, books, websites and news articles. Details about each entry are added are relevant to the type of publication, thus - publication category, authorship, edited by, abstract, volume, date published, print year, page numbering, URL, ISBN and physical location (if in your own library).

Key features

  • Build up a central list of publications of any category with all details as needed.
  • Extend the literature file structure by adding your own custom fields.
  • Link publications to any record in BRAHMS using the Literature Links toolbar
  • When linking a publication, store page numbering, comments and link type for the link in question.
  • Publications links can be easily edited.
  • Format extracted publications using text reporting tools
  • Include taxa linked references and format into reports.
  • The Rapid Data Entry (RDE) module can be used to capture new literature data or to transfer data from other formats such as Excel worksheets.