App for Botanic Gardens

The BRAHMS garden app, heavily updated during 2023, is used on tablets and other mobile devices to gather data and images for plants in botanic gardens, arboreta or similar such areas. You can download the Garden app guide here.

An example map of selected plants, highlighted by their current status. Map points can be edited and new ones added using the geo-referencing features.

Key features

  • The app runs on Android tablets or other devices including phones.
  • An internet signal is not required - thus it can be used in remote, offline areas.
  • Map data can be cached for use offline.
  • Export plant records from BRAHMS desktop using the data tool provided.
  • The transfer file includes all relevant lookup options, label formats and garden locations.
  • Optionally transfer legacy plant events and requests, for example, historical phenology observations.
  • View plant records in flexible data grid with column selection, sorting and query/filter options.
  • Provides functions for stock quantity and status checks, requesting labels, plant moves, verifications, propagation requests, adding notes and adding other general events and requests.
  • Geo-reference data using the map locate features.
  • Take images which are auto-linked to plants.
  • If online, use dynamic weblinks to check taxa names.
  • Add details of new plant records.
  • Return data and images back to BRAHMS desktop, review and then import to BRAHMS, updating your plant records.

As the app works both on and off line, you can gather data in garden areas that have no internet/phone signal. We recommend you use the app on 8 – 11” tablets but it can be used on smaller devices including phones of a sensible size.

An example data grid with options to filter, sort, select columns, and process selected records using a drop-down of data capture features.

Download the Garden app guide. For all enquiries, contact